GRATIS VERZENDKOSTEN - Bij een bestelling van minimum 100 euro betaald u geen verzendkosten + GRATIS CADEAU bij iedere bestelling tijdens de gehele lock downperiode!
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The Captcha plugins are used to prevent spam submissions on your forms such as registration, contact and login. You basic installation of Joomla includes one Captcha plugin which leverages the ReCaptcha® service but you may install other plugins connecting to...

News Feeds

News Feeds (com_newsfeeds) provides a way to organize and present news feeds. News feeds are a way that you present information from another site on your site. For example, the website has numerous feeds that you can incorporate on your site. You an use...

Getting Help

 There are lots of places you can get help with Joomla!. In many places in your site administrator you will see the help icon. Click on this for more information about the options and functions of items on your screen. Other places to get help are: Support Forums...

Bodipure Gloves en Socks

Bodipure Gloves en Socks De eerste beurs voor introductie van de Bodipure producten was zeer succesvol. Op de Pedicurebeurs in Ahoy te Rotterdam zijn de Socks en Gloves geintroduceerd Vele Pedicures hebben gekozen om te gaan werken met de Socks van Bodipure.